The Oregonian’s Celina Russel reviews Your Idea of This

Oregon Arts Watch’s Jamuna Chiarini reviews an excerpt of Your Backwash is Better than Nothing

The Portland Mercury’s April MacKay reviews Where to Wear What Hat

“…A visceral experience… a wholly embodied performance art with such intimate vulnerability that you as the viewer are engulfed in these sensations of humanity, these feelings that we all know and are all too familiar with; the ones we shy away from and do our best not to feel [are the ones we are] inescapably cast into and required to feel.”
(audience member, Your Idea of This)

“A startling, brilliant, and provocative performance.”
(audience member, One More Day, Sandman)

“…A deeply engaging and thought-provoking show that withholds no punches.”
(audience member, I Just Want One Tiny Thing and I Talk Too Much)

“…An incredible amount of subtleties throughout the work, highlighting layer after layer of thought to this performance’s voice.”
(audience member, Where to Wear What Hat)